Who am I?

Hi! My name is Kristi and I run a Girl Gang. That sounds so good to say. If you read the About section of this website then you already know how this whole thing came about. If you didn't, here's the deal:


I was in a Network Marketing business and I wanted to do leadership things before I was in a leadership position. So, I decided to have a girls weekend/sleepover/go to NYC type thing for my team and even invited some ladies that weren't on my team. This idea played out in my head about how it would be a yearly thing, we would have all kinds of inspirational  experiences. It was going to be so much fun. We would laugh and cry and hug and dance and all those things that only women are super capable of doing with other women.

So, I made us all shirts. Two women were able to make it and we did the sleepover weekend at my house and took the train into NYC for a day and it was a lot of fun. And then it was over. And then my business was over. And then my idea of having these things was over.

I joined another company. One that was better suited for me and I secretly hoped to be able to do the same kind of thing there. Thing is, I really loved my girls from my old business but I didn't want to "poach" from my old business, because that's just not right. It made me sad to think they wouldn't be included in my new team stuff. So, I kinda just let the idea go. AND THEN....my sponsor in my new company, Kimberly Olson, who is absolutely 100% the bees freaking knees and we will talk about that some more in another blog, asked me this question, "If you could do anything in the world, what would that be?" Without even thinking about it, my mouth opened and out popped, "I would run a Girl Gang!" 

Photo by  Mandy von Stahl  on  Unsplash

Now that we are all caught up on the how it came about, let me tell you a little bit about who I was, who I am and who I aspire to be.

Who was I? I was a woman without purpose. I gave so much of myself away to others that I had nothing left for myself. I was tired, I was sick. I was unfulfilled. I was hurt. I was bitter. I was angry. I was hiding it all behind a smile and a super positive facebook account. I knew being positive was the better choice and I still struggled with choosing to be positive.

My friends and family, I had them snowed. They would say that I was so positive and everyone called ME for advice on their shit because they all thought I had my shit together. I did not. Not only did I not have my shit together, my life seemed to be falling apart at every turn. I could not for the life of me get my photography business to take off. My marriage was hit or miss, mostly miss. My children were growing up and didn't NEED me for much more than a ride somewhere. I WAS miserable and putting on a show for everyone. Let me tell you, it's exhausting to keep that up! 

Who am I? You gotta be really careful what you say after the words "I AM", it's so definite, whatever you say after that. You are speaking your life into existence with those two little words. I am now a brand new version of myself. I took the last 3 ish years to look after me. I will tell you all about it in future blog posts, just know, it was not easy. I was stubborn and I did little bits here and little bits there and didn't really take self love seriously until I almost died (for like the 4th time) in March of 2017. I laid in the hospital, in a room all by myself, in a bed all alone, in the dark and made a very conscious decision to get my shit together! And that, is exactly what I did! I am healthy, I am happy, I am worthy, I am loving, I am a woman with a purpose and I am ready to step into my space!

Who I aspire to be? This is still yet to be determined, I think it changes a little every day. I can say that I aspire to help other women recognize their ability to create the life they truly want. I aspire to help others, through my experiences, to heal and move forward into a space of their own. I aspire to share my story and to listen as others share theirs. I aspire to bring about world peace. So, that last one is a big one, I know, but it's on my bucket list, so it gets mentioned! 

There will be a lot more blog posts about me. I will tag them all Kristi and put them in the My Story category so you will be able to identify them if you choose to know more about me. Otherwise, I will be using the blog section to write about some "things you can do right now to...." or just random thoughts here and there. I encourage you all to comment and tell me your thoughts and your stories. I will definitely have some guest bloggers along the way, so let me know if you want to share in that way!  Here we go ladies!! My name is Kristi, and I run a Girl Gang.