Three Things...

Photo by  Anna Sullivan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

THREE THINGS you can start today that will change the way you talk to yourself.

ONE: When you say the words, "I AM" make sure you are totally good with what you say after that. When YOU ARE something you own that something. Do you really want to own that you are exhausted or starving? A little tip on how to change your language here. When I was younger there was a really silly thing we did when people would say, "I am hungry". We would respond back with, "Nice to meet you, Hungry, my name is Kristi". It was funny when I was little, okay! This little joke will help to remind you to be intentional with what comes after your "I AM"! If you really are exhausted, try saying, "I could use a little more sleep tonight". 

TWO: Choose something you would like to work on, an area in which you feel some additional focus could be beneficial. Create a mantra that you can say quickly, out loud and to yourself, several times a day. I will use tardiness as an example. The mantra should be positive and using the "I AM" statement we just talked about. So, let's say the mantra is, "I am on time for every event in my life" or "I choose to be early to my scheduled meetings". Now say this mantra as often as possible every single day. Say it in the shower out loud, say it in the car out loud, say it in the elevator to yourself, say it at your desk, to yourself, say it in the bathroom mirror outlaid or to yourself, depends on the bathroom, maybe. Just say it over and over and over. Then pay attention to how there is a shift in your life. You will start showing up early instead of late because you have reprogrammed yourself to believe that is what you do. This works with all kinds of things, healthy habits, food choices, organization. You name it....and then you change it!

THREE: Stop the Stinkin' Thinkin'! I don't know who the speaker was, but when I was younger, my grandmother had these cassette tapes that were in a large white plastic case. Each cassette had it's place and it was basically just a man talking to a room full of kids. I want to say she got them from some kind of Amway convention or something. To this day, I will randomly Google things I remember from those tapes, in a somewhat desperate attempt to find them! They were absolutely amazing! And I just wish my kids could have listened to them. ANYWAY, on one of the tapes the man talks about stinkin' thinkin' and having a checkup from the neck up! Part of Stinkin' Thinkin' is saying the worst four letter word in the world. That word is "CAN'T". Stop saying it. Just do not say "can't" again. When you say, "I can't write a book", then that's it, you're done. Nothing else to say or do here. It's like the "I AM" statements. What ever comes after that is final so be sure whatever it is, you are totally good with. What do you say instead? You say what you can do and you know the difference between ability to do something and your willingness to do something. You may say, "I can't write a book". In reality, you are ABLE to write a book. Whether you choose to do so or not is a different thing. Start talking about the things you CAN do and don't limit yourself with the word "CAN'T". 

Practice these three things and then come back here in a week or two weeks and let me know what changes you have experienced in your life!